Opera Hamilton


David Speers
General Director
dspeers@ operahamilton.ca
905.527.7627 x229

Stephen Bye
Executive Director
[email protected]
905.527.7627 x222

Gerry Egan
Artistic and Production Administrator
gegan@ operahamilton.ca
905.527.7627 x223

Michele Ristov
Administrative Associate
mristov@ operahamilton.ca
905.527.7627 x221

Christine Pearson
Box Office Associate
905.527.7627 x236

Sue Pollon
Finance Associate
905.527.7627 x226

Jane Walker
Customer Service Associate
905.527.7627 x221

Sabatino (Sam) Vacca
Chorus Master

Nicole Bellamy

Jon Peterson
Orchestra Personnel Manager

Graham Young
Music Librarian

 photo of Stephen

Stephen Bye